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Warranty -Return Form


Availability: ships anywhere in the US

Processing Time: Allow 3-4 business days processing time for your order to ship.

Shipping: All shipments can very depending on stock, shipping delays, and weather. We will do our best to deliver your order on a timely matter.


All products can be returned within 30 days as long as they have not been used. Customer will receive full refund on the product but is responsible for shipping charges. Some items shipped from Ankor will have shipping built in to the cost of the product and will be subtracted from the total refund.  Any promotion with free shipping on a product or products that are returned the customer is responsible for the shipping back of the product and the original shipping cost of Ankor may be subtracted from the total on the refund.


All reels purchased have a 60 day warranty from date of purchase. Reel warranties only covers manufacture defects. Reel warranties do not cover if  customer breaks the reel. Reel warranties can very on the situation and  may include the following -Ankor provides the parts of the reel that is broken to the customer, the customer sends the reel in for repair or the customer will receive a replacement reel.  If the customer is to receive a replacement reel the defective reel must be sent back to Ankor first for evaluation. The customer may also be responsible to sending the defective reel back to Ankor for evaluation to receive the full warranty or refund.  There are no warranties on other products besides the 30 day return & exchange policy.

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